Custom treatments

PAT lets you save added rows or edited treatments so that they can be quickly re-used with other patients.

Firstly click on the “custom treatments” link that appears when you move the mouse over the plan text-box. This lets you replace the current row with an existing custom treatment, create a new custom treatment or edit an existing one.


Using an existing custom treatment

Simply click on an existing treatment to see its text. Then click on the blue “Use” button.


Adding a new custom treatment

Use the “Save as new” tab.

  • Treatment name: use a name to distinguish your custom treatment and make it easier to find in the list
  • Available to all users: whether this treatment will be visible to other doctors
  • Manually add to care plan: this treatment will need to be selected by clicking the “custom treatments” link and selecting it manually
  • Automatically replace supplied treatment: this treatment will automatically replace the original text in your future care plans
  • Automatically add to care plan: this treatment will be automatically added to your future care plans