Editing clinics


PAT now stores questionnaire and management plan templates in a text-based file format. They can be edited in Visual Studio Code, a “smart” text editor into which we have integrated features like error checking and control+click navigation.

You have the ability to modify the questions & templates but please note this is an advanced feature. For example, so that your changes don’t get overwritten, you won’t be able to easily install official updates from within the PAT application while custom clinics are in use. Instead, official updates will need to be merged and installed via Visual Studio Code (see below). However it is easy to go back to the official clinics.

In many cases your modifications may be suitable for inclusion in the official updates, which will free you of the maintenance overhead & benefit other practices. To submit your suggestions please go to https://feedback.patsoftware.com.au or email support@patsoftware.com.au. We will be happy to credit you by name & practice, however currently for your work to be included copyright will have to be assigned to PAT Pty Ltd.

Getting started

  • From the main PAT screen go to the Settings menu on the top-right
  • Go to the Clinics tab
  • Click on the Customise Clinics button
  • Click the link to download a copy of the clinics for editing
  • Download the installer application, check that it has a valid digital signature, and run it