Patient section


In addition to touch-screen tablets (virtually any model with WiFi will work since PAT is accessed via a web browser), it may be helpful for your practice to have a supply of look-over reading glasses (one each from 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 range) for people who forget to bring their own.


The patient section can be completed before or after the nurse section.

The patient should be coached in how to use the touch-screen and supervised over the first few questions to ensure their health literacy is sufficient to complete it. After the initial few supervised questions, a patient can then complete the rest of the questionnaire on his/her own in the waiting room. Otherwise a staff member will be required to assist the patient through the whole questionnaire.

Once complete the patient hands the device back to clinic staff who need to enter a password to go back to the waiting room (to prevent the patient from doing so and seeing other peoples details). This password is set through the Settings page on the top-right (Misc tab).